Lighting Internal Fires That Ignite Change

Corporate/Private Firewalks


This program is like none other. The Firewalking experience is designed to energize, challenge, and motivate individuals to take an active role in the driving force of their careers, lives, and tasks that are created along the way. A seminar designed to transform individual doubt and fear into an empowering focus; aligning oneself towards action and goals. The environment is created so that participants can freely and safely explore and reshape a new paradigm of awareness.


Breakthrough Exercises

Lead Participants In:

  • Naming and addressing fears and obstacles

  • Tapping the power of the will for professional effectiveness

  • Pulling all the stops -attaining our vision

  • Utilizing action to energize and manifest goals


Producing techniques for empowering and focusing productive energies

At the end of the workshop, there is an optional Firewalking Team Building Experience for those participants who want to experience the impossible.

When we actually perform an act of greatness and achievement, we become the process; thereby instilling a neurological pathway in the mind and body to direct recall. We can then utilize this experience when we are confronted by a new challenge, fear, or need to make a breakthrough; we have the foundation for moving into action.

For most of us, we are committed to go beyond our personal best. In this workshop, we learn how to access controlled focus and trust ourselves to push the envelope to see, think, and experience ourselves transcending our limiting belief system and raising personal growth to a new level.


Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the Firewalking Experience for change in their lives. Experience the way of success in your life. This workshop will introduce you and your organization to evolving techniques that can propel anyone beyond their limiting belief system.


Fire walking Certification
Next Cerification:

Private training availble


Course Costs

Tuition - $2,600.00 
Food & Lodging - Not Available at venue 

Deposit Option Available: Pay $500.00 today and the rest later.


I am absolutely thrilled to offer the world’s best, longest running and most comprehensive Firewalk Instructor Certification Training available, now as a 6-day stand alone training, without pre-requisites, qualifying you as a SUNDOOR Firewalk Instructor. This training will give you all the information, skill, tools, support and the network you need to succesfully incorporate the firewalk into your own workshops and events!


During the workshop we will explore everything from wood types, fire building, coal beds, raking, tending fires, to firewalk safety, presentation skills and workshop timing.


You will recieve as much personal experience with the fire as possible and guide you through the process of becoming the best equiped, confident, capable and inspiring Firewalk Instructor you can be!

On certification you will be authorized to conduct firewalks, arrow breaks and rebar bends with your own groups, and you will have access to our exclusive graduates’ forums, which host tons of information, direct links to your peers, online support, personal blogs from Peggy Dylan and much more.


In the Firewalk Instructor Certification Training you are taught all the intricate details that make the firewalk such a powerful tool for transformation.

During this training the SUNDOOR Certification Trainers will pass on their vast experience in firewalking and powerful leadership.


For those of you desiring to learn how to use inspirational tools including firewalking, the arrow break and the re-bar bend in order to create dynamic workshops for your own groups, there is no better training. The course is extremely comprehensive, covering everything from workshop timing and public speaking skills to all the necessary information for safe firewalking fires.


This advanced qualification requires you to complete the Firewalk Instructor Certification training and the SUNDOOR Initiation; a 7-day energetic movement and spiritual initiation personally lead by Peggy Dylan. Initiation is an in-depth study of human potential, including firewalking, as well as the other dynamic, meditative and powerfully transformative experiences SUNDOOR is renowned for.


The methods you learn, along with the understanding of how to achieve what you are capable of, and the personal experience of the fire you receive in this week are the strong base of this unique advanced qualification.

A brief history of firewalking


I was twenty two years old when I first became aware of how fire sparks life into the world we live in. I was living on the east coast in April of 1989. One of the largest wildfire's, ever to consume the east end of Long Island, was burning over 800 acres of natural pine barrens. People were thinking the posh resort-like town of East Hampton was going to go up in flames. This was also the time in my life that I realized I lived in, and around, one of only twenty ecosystems in the world. The Long Island pine barren is a very rare and delicate woodland preserve. Most of the pine trees that make up the pine barren on Long Island, and parts of the New Jersey Pine Forest, are the Pigmy and Pitch Pine. This type of forest is found in no other part of the world, but Japan. Another unique element at work here is that these trees need fire to "crack" open the seeds they produce for new seedlings to grow.


The fire is a catalyst for the birth of new life.

Many years ago when Native Montauk and Shinnecock Indians were living with the land on the east end of Long Island, they would ignite controlled burns to keep brush from building up. These fires also kept many insect populations in control as well. These fires also worked to prevent larger out-of-control fires like the one in '89, and in years past. The Native Americans used fire to herd deer and bison, and kept grasslands green by burning young trees and dead grass throughout North America. Not only did these tribes use fire in this manner, they also used the fire in rituals like firewalking


For many cultures, the firewalk is a ritualistic catalyst for personal and spiritual growth, a new start in life, and a rite of passage. Firewalking is one of the oldest transformational rituals known to man. We find Firewalking in every major cultural and religious organization from the Roman Catholic Church to tribes in Africa, South America, the South Pacific, and Asia. In every practice, the ritual of Firewalking is a celebration of transformation, healing, and rebirth.


Firewalking is used even in today's corporate settings, the firewalk excites and transforms employees of major global companies, small businesses, and Educational Institutions around the world.

More about Dr. Bill Bastian:


Bill creates an intimate and safe environment to explore the self, move through barriers, fears, and anxieties to build a clear direction of living and working. Bill Bastian, has dedicated his life to the research and teaching of the expansion of human development, and the creation of awareness through the power of action. Bill brings with him over a two decades of national sales team trainings as well as personal and team coaching.


In his workshops and seminars he draws extensively from his past work experiences and studies in hypnosis, breath-work, firewalking, hospice care, stress management, team building workshops, corporate sales life, and wilderness explorations.


Bill has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Southeast Asia, Canada, and has intimately explored the coastal waters of British Columbia and South East Alaska on a sixty-eight day kayaking expedition through remote regions of the Inside Passage. Bill's stories and teachings reach deep into the human psyche, revealing the amazing potential within each of us to achieve any vision we set for ourselves, our families, or our communities. Bill has an uncanny ability to go directly to the foundation of human development, in a safe, encouraging heartfelt way so as to rebuild the grounding force through which we, as individuals, can achieve personal growth.


Corporations such as American Express, CBS Television, Remax, PSI Seminars, The Ritz Carlton Sales team and  Gilda's Club have utilized Bill's workshops and seminars to "make the best even better." Directors of higher educational institutions such as Saint John's University in Minneapolis and Saint Benedictis College, Belkin utilize these workshops to not only boost morale, but to also give each participant an insight to setting career and personal goals. Bill's work was seen by millions of people on the very first season of 'Survior' reality game show. 


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