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"Master Yourself And You Can Master Anything."

  -Ancient Proverb


"I've known Bill for many years and know him to be a inborn healer be it in massage, breathwork, herbal medicine, or acupuncture. His intuitive sensitivity make him an outstanding personal trainer and wellness coach. Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Bill will benefit, sometimes for the rest of their lives even from a single session."


"Hi Bill, I visited you to hopefully get some relief from headaches. I had suffered from them for 20+ years. My MDs provided no help and they were getting to be more frequent and severe. In talking with you for 5 minutes you suggested I was allergic to nuts, especially peanuts. Well, you were correct. I have eliminated them from my diet and haven't had a headache since. Thank you! You are a miracle worker!"



"My first experience and it already shows wonderful results. I especially appreciate the holistic approach, assigning me exercises as "homework" to help me improve my condition myself. Amazed that my neck and back feel so much better today. Looking forward to another treatment."


“Hi Bill, I am so very grateful for the treatments you have provided for me in these last few weeks. I have experience significant relief from my neuropathy.  Thank you so much!”



"...just an update on my 'frozen shoulder' it is significantly better since our round of acupuncture!  Thank you for being so available and seeing me through this."

-Linda C.


"My first session with Bill was an out of body experience. I saw my world purely from the perspective of my soul...all heart-no brain. this experience changed my life choices forever. Another session pinpointed my need to connect to my dragon energy which will be helpful for

my divorce. Bill's guidance combined with the breathing session is powerful -beyond description."

"Dear Bill, 

Thank you for your very special treatment yesterday. It was wonderful to be on the receiving end of coaching for a change. You are superb! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you next time."


"Dear Bill,  
I want to thank you again for everything you gave me today.  I definitely experienced an enlightenment that I could never have anticipated or hoped for.  And so much more.  I feel so differently about myself in many ways and that is truly liberating. I feel 'unstuck' from long held thoughts that have controlled me for a very long time.  I've spent the rest of today talking to myself in a new loving way.  I know this will change my habits and patterns of behavior in a very positive way.  It is incomprehensible to me how you were able to accomplish helping me with this breakthrough in such a brief time.  I want you to know how grateful to you I am and that this was the right time and place for us to connect.  



"In Bill's beautiful sessions I fell back in love with dry Breathwork. These sessions brought me into a place of bliss with universal connection and understanding. I was connected into the beating heart of the universe in pure love. The breath opened areas of my body which I had not breathed into before and the healing was pronounced and ongoing."

                                                                                                                                                            -KW, U.K Training



"We were extremely lucky to work with Bill Bastian at Lendrick Lodge, Scotland in August 2016.  The experience was unbelievable and he took us deep into our sub conscious using his deep abdominal breath working down to the lowest diagram.  I have worked with abdominal breathing for years, yet Bill with his extra touch took me to a place that I can only ever get to in deep meditation.  I would certainly work with Bill again in the future even saying as much as I would love to train under him to learn this system of breathing.  If you get the chance I would highly recommend one of Bill’s workshops, it’s an experience that is definitely not to be missed."

                                                                                                                                                              -Di, U.K. Training

"This Breathwork session was a game changer for me. I felt so very safe with you and was able to regain a personal piece of power that I thought was lost. Thank you for being so present and guiding me through a great experience."


"Your healing energy has changed my life! Thank you for guiding me to grow!! Many blessings for you always!"



"My session with you was by far the most profound event of the week. OK, the year to date. I wanted to specifically thank you for what you did. I just wanted to show my appreciation to you for opening my mind to the incredible journey and healing process of breathwork."

-Rich W. 


“Bill, I have never experience anything like your breathwork session. Your presences and professionalism was bar none.  I am so very happy with this entire experience it was amazing!”

-Janet V. 


"Thank you so very much, Bill for your class and for the outstanding healing massage work. I hope to see you soon at one of your workshops."



"Bill Thank you for the truly amazing experience and holding the space for me to grow like I never thought possible."



 "I would like to express how grateful I am for our healing session and the transformation you've guided me through."



" Thank you!!  My breath work session with you was incredible. You (helped me to) change everthing for me."

-Nicholas M.


Hi Bill, I passed the (State Board) exam!!! What a relief!  Thank you for your really wonderful class and tutoring...I used some of your memory tricks more than once, and got so much out of your class!  -Roberta

So I passed with a 159! Maybe Linda already told you. Our goal was 142 but I had written "160" on her yellow intention sheet with the mentality of "shoot for the stars and land on the moon." So this was a nice comeback and response to my first cale experience and the scantron drama.


You are great in so many ways.  Thank you for leading a solid course, esp when you are already busy with your career and full life.


Firewalking/Corporate Trainings:

"This was truly an experience of a life time for the participants...I would highly recommend you and your team to any organization that is looking for a firewalking [team building] experience."

     -Mark Burnett

-Executive Producer

'Survivor', CBS Television



Soil Meets Soul


I feel very fortunate to have experienced the first Soil Meets Soul retreat!  The setting, nutritional classes, spiritual healing exercises, yoga, food, and company were truly amazing!  Soil Meets Soul provides a unique opportunity to tend the gut, rest, move, hydrate, breath, express gratitude, and connect with oneself and others.  The retreat provides for a true physical, mental, and spiritual detox and clients leave feeling rejuvenated and empowered to carry out the lifestyle changes recommended during the retreat.  Clients also meet and connect with a broader community of like-minded individuals who are interested in continuing to learn and optimize their health & wellness.  Most notably, the practitioners that host Soil Meets Soul are of the best that I have ever met and been fortunate to work with.  I cannot say enough great things about Soil Meets Soul and encourage others to experience an upcoming retreat for themselves!


Soil meets soul participate 

Hello Bridgette and Bill

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for these sessions.  I haven’t been able to join them all live but I’ve watched them afterwards and they’ve been a source of comfort, inspiration and education. I love you both – thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and for being so generous with your time.


Soil meets soul participate

"Your speech was one of the absolute best I've heard at any of the Chamber of Commerce events. It was smart, gave specific points on approaching goals, was quite entertaining and exceeded my expectations. The lessons I learned have more than covered the cost of the workshop and my time. Personally, I also enjoyed the spiritual basis of your work and how you use those lessons to guide our learning. I hope I'll be able to attend more workshops from Sparks Development in the future."

     -Allison Bliss

Marketing & Communications Consultant



"Your presentation at our January Membership Meeting was an inspiration to many of our members and a wonderful way to kick off the new year. I would recommend you as a motivational speaker and I am pleased our organization was able to spend a short afternoon with you."

     -Susan Stevens

Director of Sales Hyatt St. Claire  

Program Director, HSMAI Silicon Valley Chapter



"Wow! What an exciting firewalking experience. The response is pouring in from our affiliates on the tremendous impact you made in their personal and professional lives. The sincerity in which you delivered your program, the heartfelt storytelling that touched everyone in the room, your meaningful messages that caused all to evaluate the way their lives are led, and the fiery finale to your seminar, were all contributing factors to one of the most successful speaker workshops we've ever experienced as a Region. Thank you, Bill you not only delivered, but exceed the expectations of all those who experienced your program."

     -Chris Brock, Director

RE/MAX Mid-States and Dixie Regions



"What a great program you provided for our Annual Business Awards Breakfast. What a surprise it was for the guest's who thought they were coming to the "same ol' breakfast"! We received many positive comments on the presentation. We even received comments from viewers of the cable network who saw the rerun of the Breakfast. Thank you for a job well-done and your invitation to over 450 business members to overcome their fears to triumph in business and their personal lives. We should have a great year because of your message. Thank you!"

     -Paula McCloskey, CEO

Alameda Chamber of Commerce



"Thank you so much for your contributions during our Large Market Corporate services Leadership forum. You came before a group of hi-caliber, challenging and intellectual Directors and VP's and brought them to their feet...literally! Your crowd was thoroughly engaged and participating. It was just the energy boost they needed as they were in the initial preparation for arrow-breaking and Firewalking. Thank you for taking the time and care to attend the special needs of this group. It made all the difference in making it an extremely meaningful experience."

     -Debra Dauplaise

American Express



"The success of this program and feedback from the participants has been outstanding. I have been deeply touched as many have shared with me their individual experiences and the steps that they have taken since the seminar to transform their lives by breaking through their personal barrier and choosing to walk their unique paths in freedom, power, and joy."

     -Maryellen Reiley



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